About John Angerson Archive

John Angerson (b.1969 Bristol, England) started his career in the early 1990s, covering the fall of the Berlin Wall and the changing geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe. Since then, his work has continued to explore the different languages of documentary photography, focusing on how specific communities form, shift and develop. His projects have garnered critical acclaim and exhibited at major art institutions in the UK and overseas. His monograph - Love, Power, Sacrifice (published by Dewi Lewis, Manchester) documented the Jesus Army over twenty years and peers into a microcosm of a fanatical religion. His most recent book; English Journey (published by B&W studio, Leeds) was a 4-year photographic travelogue across England in the footsteps of Bradford author J.B. Priestley. The work presents a purposefully non-nostalgic, contemporary view of England. It casts the lens on the globalized economic framework at call centres, transnational hotel chains and the co-dependency of international outsourcing. The work was shown in exhibitions across the UK and Europe and the book has sold across three continents since its publication. He now splits his time between shooting personal projects, teaching at various Universities and shooting features and portraiture for multiple magazines, charities and design agencies.